Drive time in Detroit and Phoenix

Friday morning I got up at the crack of dawn to make a phone appearance on WJR AM in Detroit (news/talk at 760 on the AM dial). That was fun. Then this morning at 6:05 am I spoke with Jim Sharpe on KTAR in Phoenix, the number one news station in the Phoenix metropolitan area, where we talked about the efforts to freep online polls and how you can trust what you read online. My spies in Arizona tell me that I may have been heard by about a million sleepy commuters today.
Oh, and Friday afternoon I taped a nice long interview with Dr. Moira Gunn of TechNation. I’ll put a link to the RealAudio up as soon as its available, and Friday was when my appearance on the Simply Put show on Bloomberg Radio aired. I’m going to ask them for a copy of that too and see about putting it up here on the site or getting a transcript made. Both of those two in-depth interviews got into some very interesting areas and topics.
(I’m posting from a hotel in Ashland, Oregon. They offer free wireless everywhere on the premises.)