E-marketing, plus online/offline sales

From Publisher’s Weekly, a note about MoveOn’s book (from Inner Ocean Publishing; links added). Perhaps it’s worth noting that networking or marketing online always has a slight hazard of turning off potential customers or partners who aren’t wired?

Grass roots has trumped big media–at least for the moment–as an e-mail marketing campaign for MoveOn’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country: How to Find Your Political Voice and Become a Catalyst for Change has enabled the title to knock Richard Clarke’s Against All Enemies off the top spot on the Amazon.com bestsellers list.

An e-mail, sent in waves over the past few days by MoveOn to a mailing list that has more than two million addresses, urges members to buy the book and “push it to #1 at all booksellers.” The group tries to balance the desire to reach the top spot on Amazon with the need to avoid alienating offline booksellers. The e-mail urges members to ask for the title at their local bookstore, but also provides a link to Amazon.com.

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