Ed Cone interviews Joe Trippi

Joe Trippi: Q&A with Ed Cone (IT Conversation):

An 89-year-old guy called the headquarters one day and talked to my wife and said that he had been reading the obituaries every day because he was ready to cash it in, and that he heard Howard Dean on the radio that day and decided that he was going to stay and fight. This is true, this actually happened. This guy went out and brought a five-hundred dollar PC. He became the leader of his Meetup in Elsinore, California and became a leader in his community in terms of what was going on and used the Internet. He brought the five-hundred dollar PC so that he could read the blog and then he signed up for Meetup. He actually became the Meetup host in Elsinore California, and this is an 89-year-old guy who had given up. So a lot of these tools