Electronic whiteboards (wikis) in the news

A Syracuse paper which published an article that was skeptical about the how authoritative an online collaborative encyclopedia could be has now published a front-page article that is much more positive about wikis (Syracuse.com: NewsFlash – ‘Wikis’ offer knowledge-sharing online).
The article even picks up on my (not that I own it) preference for referring to wikis as whiteboards, since at least in the corporate suites everyone knows what a whiteboard is:

“At its core, a Wiki is an empty room, devoid of furniture and decoration, said Sunir Shah, founder of an online community called Meatball. Visitors bring the personality and mission, turning the Wiki into a library, a party or a conference room.

Wikis are also described as online whiteboards, shared notebooks or group memory. They are forums for sharing knowledge and control — and fostering trust in the process.”

(Via leuschke.org links.)