Freedom’s just another word for “let me tell you what to do”

As I was laying in bed last night counting Republicans, I started thinking about the whole “moral values” thing. What I realized–and maybe this should be filed under “bleeding obvious”–is that the two main issues, gays and abortion, are both classic cases of “I should be free to follow my values, and you also should be free to follow my values.” In other words, “I don’t believe in homosexuality or abortion. So you homosexuals, quit gaying it up, and you women, no abortions for you.”
You might be tempted to call this un-American. Then again, you could equally well argue that in America freedom has always been a code word for “I get all the freedom I want, you get all the freedom I feel like giving you.” (See also: indentured servitude, slavery, women’s rights, civil rights, etc. etc.)
The United States of Canada are looking better and better.