Friday pick-me-up

A little down about the state of the election? There’s a nifty collection of current polls plus some comparisons to a few prev. elections, here. Puts things in some helpful perspective.
And really, given the fantastic month Bush has had and the mess that we’re told the Kerry campaign is, given all those heart-tugging John E. O’Neill media moments we can’t seem to get away from, and how French Kerry looks, and how supposedly nobody wants to have a beer with him, and all the wind surfing he does, and how that’s really bad for the economy and undermines our troops and whatnot, and don’t get me started on the flip-flopping — oh lord, the flip-flopping, and what’s the frequency, Burkett?, and given all that:
what does it say about our incumbent war president and the state of his awe-inspiring campaign, run by that super-genius Karl Rove and his army of evil media scientists that they can’t seem to stay above 50% — even in the Fox poll! — and that the race is back to being statistically a tie by most measures?
Have a nice weekend,