Getting a word in, edgewise

A bit of shameless self-promotion is called for from time to time. I mean, hell, I didn’t even pimp my last few web-development books on this site much now did I? Plus, for a nanopublisher, I’m remarkably unconcerned with the flow of money beyond the realm of between break even and acceptable losses, so hear goes.
Since about Feb 2002 (I guess that was about five months after 9/11, so I was probably noticing the political commentary was really happening on blogs by then), I’ve been putting my political and media critical weblog entries up at its own site. It has had several names over the last few years, few of them memorable, but it is now called Edgewise (and its one of the publications emerging from the Mediajunkie collective, most of which are anthologized at Telegraph).
For a while I reposted my political stuff here at RFB, but I thought that was intrusive on the more educational, less advocacy-oriented nature of this blog, although I do list my recent headlines from other blogs in the sidebar, and that includes links to Edgewise, although only to my posts there.
I like the name Edgewise. Contributor Cecil Vortex suggested it. It perfectly captures that talking back to the mass media feel we like about political blogging. I made up the subtitle, which has two meanings, one is news-interviewer cant for ending an interview, the other is a general apology for the scantiness of blogging in general.
The best thing about Edgewise is that we now have multiple writers, three or four of which have been posting nearly every day.
I’ve Edgewise
We’re pushing each other now, with these multiple voices, and as the election heats up I suspect we’ll see more sparks fly. Cecil has already called the election for Kerry and pinpointed the tipping point. New contributor Boris Khadinov has a brief against O’Reilly and the rest of the right-wing media. David Kolodney (of Ramparts fame) betrays his philosophical training as he reframes media moment after moment – I’d love to tape an interview between Kolodney and Lakoff!
Briggs Nisbet merged her occasional Hellmouth column into Edgewise and I’m on the verge of inviting so new people to contribute as well. At least one person has access to the blog but hasn’t posted yet but may at some time or another. My father has an open invitation to present the pro-Republican side of things, for example.
I will continue my policy of keeping RFB non-ideological (except maybe in the syndication wars – I’m just keeding), but I did want to plug the site at least once here, because some of my Blogistan readers might enjoy it, and… let’s face it: blogging is more fun than metablogging (blogging about blogging).
So drop by Edgewise, or subscribe to one of its RSS/Atom webfeeds, but check out the actual site – we have a good chunk of political headlines down the left margin of the page and that’s not in the Atom feed yet – not even sure it should be?).
As soon as my book is done, I’ll probably be implementing a lot of pent up blogging best-practice ideas I haven’t had time to execute yet, across all of the Mediajunkie sites.