Giblets for president

Fafblog! (the whole world’s only source for Fafblog) says Giblets will win, unless he is sandbagged by the media bias:

But if – as some scurrilous rumors and half-mad acid-eating anti-Giblets propagandists have suggested – Giblets loses the election to John Kerry, it will be clear why. It will be because of the bias of the liberal media.
The liberal media, who again and again painted John Kerry as a weak-willed pandering flip-flopper, knowing that Americans appreciate the supple pliabilty of a flip-flopper’s ever-shifting positions over the hard resolve of Giblets! The liberal media, who represented Kerry’s every position as an incoherent one knowing full well that Americans would be helplessly seduced by a convoluted, byzantine rambler instead of a straight-shooter like Giblets! The liberal media, who entertained the notion that John Kerry was a traitor to his country who had deliberately wounded himself to get out of Vietnam and besmirched the reputation of his fellow veterans, knowing that Americans love a quick-witted spineless coward over a heroic anti-terror crusader like Giblets!