How does Technorati's BookTalk work?

We need to be on this list: Technorati: BookTalk.
I see that Technorati is displaying Amazon links. I wonder if their system counts links to a book’s home page and its Amazon page as two different books?
Then there’s the problem that my preferred domain name for this book,, currently resolves to x-pollen/many or some variation on that*
Are they catching sidebar material or just blog posts. Do I have to keep posting the ISBN somewhere? I’m going to make a page for this site called “How to link to the book online.”
On that page I’ll ask people to^ point to, and give out the basic format for an Amazon affiliate link to my book and probably reiterate that the book’s ISBN is 0782143466 (in case you want to set up a link to B&N or on your own).
Perhaps I’ll add make banner or badges or blogad-format links if bloggers want to add them that way.

*and sometime at the site you’re actually on another domain, mediajunkie, but let’s not get into that right now – I just broke the domain trying to fix it, and then I figured out what to do, so I’m restoring it and it should be all good by the time even the geekiest nerd has bothered to read any of these footnotes.
^ as opposed to or many/wiki/newpom.php or anything else to which the preferred domain name may in the future resolve.