I am quoted accurately, for once

Scot Peterson of eWeek interviewed me on Monday and filed a thoughtful report today: Bloggers Make Their Presence Felt at DNC.
In stringing together my quotes, I think he was forced to manufacture some connecting words, and the result is a somewhat awkward rush of words that nonetheless reasonably represents my motormouth way:

Perhaps the most useful part of the bloggers’ presence at the DNC is the ability to put a face with a name to bloggers who are used to living only online. One is Christian Crumlish, author of the forthcoming book “The Power of Many: How the Living Web is Transforming Politics, Business and Everyday Life,” and creator of [among others] three separate blogs – The Power of Many, Radio Free Blogistan, and Edgewise.
Crumlish embraces the notion that blogs are here to stay, but not that they will be the end of mainstream journalism. “Blogs are a medium of influence more than a mass medium,” he said. “It’s interactive, reciprocal, what the street is thinking, a kind of collective unconscious. A sign that someone else is thinking what I’m thinking. I’m still a news junkie. I read the New York Times and other traditional media, [and don’t expect to] get breaking news from blogs.”
Most bloggers don’t make a living managing their blog, but do so as part of their real-world jobs or to augment their profession. As Crumlish explains, he’s a writer whose blogging “reinforces” what he does for a living.