Internet meeting Maslow's elementary needs

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Physiological needs (currently in Chapter 3; move to Chapter 1?): a 12/29/2003 Yahoo/Dow Jones article about Medtronic CareLink Network and other heart monitor systems has expired now, but here is a Google cache.

When Dr. Philip Adamson was traveling in Spain recently, he logged onto the Internet to see how some of his patients with an experimental heart failure device were doing. Most of the patients – who had entered data from their devices onto the Web via Medtronic Inc. (NYSE:MDTNews)’s CareLink Monitor – seemed OK. But several had pressure readings in their hearts indicating possible fluid buildup, which, if allowed to rise, could end up forcing hospitalization. Adamson immediately contacted them from thousands of miles away and changed their drug therapy. None ended up being hospitalized. …

The Medtronic CareLink Network is a medical information system that combines the patient’s monitor, a Web site for clinicians and a Web site for cardiac device patients and their families or caregivers. The monitor is a device that allows patients to collect information by holding a small antenna over their implanted device. The monitor automatically downloads the data and sends it through a standard home telephone connection directly to the secure Medtronic CareLink Network.

System introduced two years ago, costs clinics $200 per year per patient but reduces office visits for data-download from 4/year to 1/year.