Joi finds the edge of Orkut

Joi Ito fills up his Orkut dance card, wonders what happens after “game over” (The edge of Orkut):

I just got the following message on Orkut.

Limit reached for number of friends

You have 1024 friends. You can only have up to 1000 friends. Before you can add more friends, you need to remove friends.

Partially because I was getting sick of social networks systems, partially because they were trying to be “exclusive” with invite only and partially because it was easy, I took the policy of saying yes to every friend request that didn’t look like a fakester. Now I’ve found the edge of Orkut. According to Orkut, you can only have 1000 friends. I guess that’s OK compared to the 150 or so for AIM. This error message reminds me a bit of real life. I know need to forget someone every time I meet someone I want to remember because I’m having a buffer overflow on my people recognition memory.