More online politics


Donald Wildmon is the founder of American Family Assn, , has a big Action Alert network and is very effective at getting members to communicate to politicians.
Lou Sheldon is chairman of Traditional Values Coalition.
I don’t know about TVC’s grassroots success or effect, because Sheldon is a very big media hog and gives the impression that his is a one-man show; Wildmon started out that way, and still signs a lot of press releases, but otherwise keeps more to the background now. (Wildmon was originally a Methodist, Sheldon originally a Presbyterian. But both are now much more fundamentalist than those denominations.)
Wes Boyd is, of course, cofounder of MoveOn (“The Conservative Movement Starts Here”) reports on
conservatives using Meetup.
Other random political groups but without knowing whether they’re relying
on digital tools:
Christian Coalition (Pat Robertson), Family Research Council (Gary Bauer)
Center for American Progress, Progressive Majority