Multiply (YASNS)

JonL just invited me to join Multiply, which seems to involve social networking, photo sharing, blogging (journaling), a calendar, a place for reviews and recipes,a nd something called Market (I’ve only started poking around).
Here’s my barebones page there: (xian was taken!).
Looks like an ambitious play, leapfrogging Flickr (although I have no idea how good the photo sharing is and I gather there isn’t chatting, so scratch that) and combining a number of other social-network tools of the moment.
On the other hand, YASNS-fatigue has set in for me, and I can hardly be bothered to fill out the extensive multitabbed profile forms. If it could import output from elsewhere, even open source feeds such as a FOAF document or an XFN file, that would be great.
I’ll have to poke around to see if they’re reinventing the wheel on calendaring, reviews, and recipes, as well. Must… do… some… reporting (starting by asking JonL what he knows about this site).
Multiply’s a pretty good name. I’ll give them that. And any site that gives you a vanity subdomain has at least one clue.