My beef with Greenspan

In a discussion thread at Kos two days ago (Daily Kos :: Comments Kill the moderators) a fellow called johnmorris succinctly put the hammer down on Alan Greenspan’s disingenuous betrayal of our nation’s social compact with its frail and elderly:

in 1983 Greenspan predicted disaster for Social Security unless we doubled the withholding tax and built up a reserve so we did it. With the reserve built up and the budget in surplus Greenspan waltzes in and tells congress they need to pass the tax cut to avoid “paying down the debt too fast”. When the tax cut puts the budget into deficit the bastard jumps up and says we have to cut social security. Fuck him, he’s a cheap suit hustler.

I’ve never heard the term “cheap-suit hustler” before (although I have heard of the Cheap-Suit Serenaders), but I like the sound of that, and I think the profanity is warranted too.
Too bad we got distracted by the lockbox folly last time around. Meanwhile, the foxes have been guarding the chicken coop.