No one ever said saving the world would be easy

Every generation has its challenge. We’ve had it fairly easy till now. Sure, it was rough when “Happy Days” got cancelled. But, you know, we perservered.
This is our moment. This is our generation’s challenge. How we respond will define us and determine history.
I don’t want to be the good Germans, the ones who saw it coming but failed to stop it. It’s time for us to step forward and become the greatest generation — the ones who show up in our country’s time of need, and bring America back to its senses.
Some questions for all of us this morning:

  • What more can we as individuals do next time that we didn’t do this time?
  • What can we all do starting tomorrow — not just giving money, but what concrete actions can we take – that will help win back congress in 2 years?
  • And what can we do between now and then to limit the damage this Republican government inflicts?

We’re grown ups now, right?
It’s our turn.