One million acts of kindness

Somewhat reminiscent of the Hollywood movie of a few years ago called Pay It Forward, One Million Acts describes itself as

… an event that is driven by the Urban Leadership Foundation (ULF), with the goal of funding job training in low-skilled, low-education, low-income urban areas. The vision for graduates of the ULF’s Job Training Programs is to increase motivation and build self-respect, offering a real opportunity to learn a skill toward earning for a living wage…. [W]e engage communities to become self sufficient, by becoming creative in their own development.

At the site you can register an act of kindness you promise to undertake on behalf of a stranger.
According to the site’s About page, ULF is “a nationwide social enterprise, non-profit job training and leadership program, which won the 1999 Governor’s Award for best Texas non-profit in volunteerism” and its goal is “to be a self-sustaining entity by connecting its mission and financial strength to cause-related marketing activities specializing in urban communities throughout the United States.”