Open source web-based apps for independent news outlets

The CAMPWARE initiative is a project of the Center for Advanced Media-Prague (CAMP), the aim of which is to develop and aggegate open-source software solutions for independent news media organizations. “CAMPWARE intends to provide a platform for collaborative software development, as well as financial support through project-related developments and a fellowship program.” They have three main products so far:

We are pleased to announce that the 2.1.4 version of CAMPSITE, Campware’s multilingual, Unicode-based web-content-management system for news sites has been released. …

LOWLIVE is the streaming remote control to on-air FM transmitters. Developed primarily to allow radio transmissions to go on-air in crisis situations with minimal personal risk to journalists and station management, LOWLIVE can be used in any situation where remote access to a sound device is necessary. Audio content for the FM transmission will be delivered over the Internet. Accessing a computer connected to the radio transmitter from anywhere through the web, radio producers can upload their own content from remote for high quality transmissions, or simply relay existing web broadcasts to the remote transmitter. LOWLIVE allows to build continuous playlists or scheduled one-off events. …

Campware is pleased to announce the 1.0 release of Cream, a free and open-source customer relationship management (CRM) system designed specifically to meet the needs of media organizations. …

LOWLIVE is the one of the three with a real-world component, using the Internet to get on-air from locations and events where transmission might not otherwise be possible.