Opening up the editorial chat at RFB

When we expanded the contributors to this blog to include five of us, we started an editorial weblog where we could discuss structure, redesign, policies, and so on. We made it a password-protected separate blog and frankly it sucked. Most of us didn’t bother to check into enough and I’ve come to realize that secretive sites with few contributors just don’t thrive as well as public sites with lots of readers and feedback.
So we agreed to import the old editorial blog into this site as a category and continue our editorial deliberations in public. That way people can comment on our plans and our redesign efforts and give us feedback and tell us when we’re full of shit.
I’m about to import the contents from the editorial blog into a new category and after I do I’ll post a link to the category page so readers of this site can (if interested) read their way through our backlog and comment on it. The hope is that we’ll actually be more responsive and productive if we do our deliberations in public.