Portland blogger-journalist arouses politician's ire

During the RNC, b!X sent me a link to this entry on his Portland Communique blog: Tim Hibbitts Requests ‘Retraction’ And/Or ‘Clarification’:

So consider their request fulfilled. You have his quote, and you have all of our characterizations of it. Feel free to weigh-in on the controversy in the comments here. While, as we stated above, it’s conceivable that we erred in not explicitly labeling our characterizations as characterizations, we nonetheless stand by those characterizations, and believe that Hibbitts’ intent was to label Portland’s liberals as police-haters, even if the term he actually used was “not terribly enthusiastic about the police.”

(I’ve only just had time to get around to posting this now.)
One way or another, this implies that citizen media is having an impact.