Radio Free Wikistan

I’ve caught the wiki bug at last. I’ve been puttering around on various wikis for a few years now and I saw the pros and cons but it finally took Flying Meat’s VoodooPad desktop wiki-like thing for Mac OS X to really turn my head around. Now I can’t see how I ever lived without a simple hyperlinkable scratch pad for all my thoughts.
Just like a blog isn’t the web solution to every problem, neither is a wiki. Sometimes some implict structure for your data is handy. But VoodooPad works more like my brain than any other computer tool I’ve ever used. And for every website or writing project that I’ve barely started on, I now think the best way to go is to make a wiki and then build it up as I have time. It’s so easy to create a stub and return to it later. And, of course, on the web wikis can make it that much easier for passersby to improve what they see.