Random debate liveblogging

Cecil: is he going to shout for 90 minutes? Contrast with kerry calm? who’s rattled?
“…of course we’ll get bin laden” (contrast with “i don’t think about him much”)
Bush repeats the 75% lie about al qaeda
Re reaction shots: “he’s trying so hard not to smirk…” –Cecil
“…didn’t guard the ammo dumps and now our kids are being killed by those ammoes…”
bix: bush is hitting puberty by the sound of his voice cracking
joho: the “he broke his promise” line, repeated over and over, is beginning to work i think
“We were safer before president bush came to office.”
“I fully understand the threat!” (methinks protest too much)
“the internets”
“more facile?”
Missouri in the cizzoalition!
No attacks since 9/11? anthrax?
Iraq is now a haven for terrorists!
“This war is a long long war”