Rathergate a ‘reverse judo backflip’?

At Blue Lemur (White House fueled CBS ‘memo-gate’ by withholding document; Was it all a set-up?) there’s more evidence that the “forgery consensus” about the Texas Air National Guard scandal was carefully cultivated from the top. It sure put Bush’s questionable behavior and avoidance of fulfilling his cushy responsibilities off the table through November.
I read yesterday that Michael Moore was offered the same Killian documents when researching his movie and declined to use them. If only Rather had been as careful about the verifiability of his assertions and the provenance of his documentation as Moore!
Update (for balance): Here’s a nonpartisan typewriter site’s analysis of the Killian memos that supports the premise that they werre generated with Microsoft Word. (If true, that does not negate the reverse judo backflip theory, of course.)