Small Media

Linking to Gillmor’s book made me realize that we really don’t have “journalism” as a topic anywhere. Not that it’s necessary—as always, where’s the “effective, public, real-world action” component?—and we’re not a book on blogging, but both journalism and blogging probably merit mention per se and not just as means or adjuncts in the major topical divisions. I categorized Gillmor in Chapter 1, because that seems like the only place for it. Other ideas? (Update: re-placed to Chapter 9, as “meta” material is falling into there.)

And whenever we do find a place for journalism, we should mention

Think of this as a “newspaper out of the box” where everyone can contribute. We’re building a portal for reporting of events by participants and commentators covering all aspects of events around the world, locally and internationally: politics, business, economics, technology, medicine, media and culture.