Still working out my events calendar

Uh, I should have noted before today that I am speaking at N-TEN : 2004 San Francisco Regional Conference tomorrow (Friday, August 20), on the topic “What is Blogging and Why Should I Care?” or something to that effect.
I;ve got to do a better job of alerting the public about my upcoming speaking events, especially if I can get copies of the book there in advance of the September 1 publication date.
I am adding the event to my feed, but I need to move that upcoming events from the blog page to the calendar page.
Also, need to fix the broken graphics and the unclosed HTML tabs and ask Dierdre to design some more subelements, like quotes within quotes, bolder heads, major side links, etc.
Don’t think I want to keep using the Multiply calendar, so I’ve got to add the RNC to Upcoming too.