Taming wiki templates (paging mathowie)

In the about page at haughey.com, Matt Haughey explains how he wrangled phpwiki into shape to present an elegant, functional, standard-compliant site.
I have even lower standards.

I just want to get the wiki pages currently at x.erio.us to look like the rest of the site, and the templates that create phpwiki pages appear to be distributed among a thousand php files as far as I can tell.
Matt, any suggestions about how to build pages that are mostly plain HTML but summon the necessary php up in the proper newshole for the wiki features?
(Social network note: Matt and I have never met, though I have been a fan of his for quite some time, and I believe I passed him waiting in a drinks line at the first evening of the BlogOn event and we now have a mutual friend in Jessamyn.)