The convention was always going to be blogged

As I said to Scot Petersen, news editor of eWeek, even if the DNC hadn’t credentialed us bloggers this time around this convention nonetheless would have been blogged by the many delegate-bloggers who were planning to do so anyway.
Danny Glover, managing editor of National Journal’s Technology Daily put together a list of official and delegate bloggers (but last time I checked I was again not on
the list).
By the way, for anyone compiling one of these official lists of credentialed bloggers, please include me:
My name is Christian Crumlish. You can also call me xian.
If you are listing a single blog per blogger, please list The Power of Many because that’s where I’m posting most of convention coverage. (I’m posting metablogging stuff here and political analysis in a few other places, but people seem to have trouble understanding many-to-many person-to-blog relationships, so just listing that one is probably a good idea.)