There must be 50 ways to vicariously read about Bloggercon

Dave Winer’s unconference BloggerCon is having its third second annual instance this weekend at Stanford. I am mostly following it in my aggregrator:

Lobbycon is always one of the best parts of any conference; hanging in the courtyard and talking to folks – both people I’ve read and not met, and friends and colleagues I see regularly.
JD Lasica, Bob Wyman, Stacie Kramer, Gabe Rivera, Frank Paynter, Tony Gentile, Chis Nolan .Phil Wolff, Steve Rhodes, Roland Tangalo, Andrew Anker, among the throng.

Lots of other folks posting on the conference.

A look back: Bloggercon 1, Oct. 2003

Susan Mernit: Bloggercon: Lunch and links.
P.S.: Susan, you seem to have told Blogger your blog is now called “an.”