We're on Amazon (sorta)

Right now the book is listed on Amazon (Amazon.com: Books: The Power of Many: How the Living Web is The Transforming Politics, Business, and Everyday Life.
Unfortunately, the book’s search summary profile says it’s out of print, and the detail page says it will be 304 pp., and softcover, when in fact it’s in press for September, more like 250 pp., and hardcover (with a dust cover).
I had an author portrait taken for the dust-jacket flap last week (by Robert Birnbach) and it’s all starting to seem strangely real.
(The ISBN is 0782143466.)
As soon as the Amazon listing is fixed I’ll make the link from the book’s cover image on this site into a link to the Amazon page for buying the book (using my xpollen-20 affiliation code).