When friends don't bother to pick up the phone

ElizabethSpiers.com: Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated:

Dear people who know me personally, have my cell phone number and my email address (some of whom have even referred to themselves as my friends) yet apparently still can’t be bothered to contact me for verification because it would ruin the scoop on your blogs**:
New York Metro experienced technical difficulties this weekend and the URL for The Kicker is not resolving properly (nor are several of the other pages.)
The Kicker has not been shut down.
That’s not to say that The Kicker won’t be shut down. It may; it may not. Today was Adam Moss’s first day and we haven’t talked about it yet.
** I’ll let Felix and Gothamist off the hook a bit here, because they were re-reporting, but Choire and Nick have no excuse…

A counterexample to some of the utopianism about blog power and virtual community.
My interview with Phil Wolff last week was instructive, in that he made a point of dwelling on the downsides of collective action as much as the upsides.