Call me a kook

I honestly think the Republicans (again) stole the election. Now I realize that to gain a clear win we had to have a margin that was beyond stealing and failed to do that and the reality is that there will probably never be a consensus that Bush et al. stole two elections, let alone one, but this article reprinted in The Smirking Chimp just reinforces my initial impressions from that ugly night.

But don’t worry, go back to the tv or whatever:

I find it reassuring to remember that if any of this had really happened, the Democrats in Congress would be screaming about it. I’d read about it on the front page, and it would be all over the network news. Yes, I can be sure that [evidence discussed at a conference of people sharing evidence that the 2004 presidential election was stolen] was just a bad dream. The reality is that President Bush won the election, and it’s time to move on. Time to move on. It was all just a dream. Yes, it’s time to move on.