Carnival of the Rovegate

· Republicans

Tony Pierce holds Glenn Reynolds feet to the fire, the Editors point out that the Washington press corps isn’t having an attack of conscience right now, Frank Rich analyses the Watergate analogy, John Aravosis asks the musical question, “If Karl Rove is fully complying then why does the president have to wait for the investigation to be over for him to know if Karl was the leaker?” Kyra Phillips identifies a smear campaign against… no, not Joe Wilson, David Corn, who broke the story originally, updates us on the stonewall strategy, Bull Moose Marhsall Whitman quips “for Bush to get rid of Rove, would be like Charlie McCarthy firing Edgar Bergen,” and Joshua Marshall reports that Rove at al. are back to smearing Wilson again, all on deep background so they’re willing to leak about a criminal investigation but not talk about it on the record?