Good advice for SxSWi newbies

Note to self: Don’t end up in one of David’s photos of oblivious digital hipsters.
Quoting from The unofficial geek guide to getting over yourself at SxSW Interactive 2005 |

Ditto for parking yourself in the hallway with the laptop. I always found that very sad. I think I may take a picture this year to remind myself how sad it can get: Seeing a row of geeks on the floor, clicking away, lost in the ether, as tons of very interesting and very real and very Right Here and Now people walk by. Potentially fun or even lucrative people connections squandered by the minute.

Be honest with yourself: how critical is it that you are online Right Now? Are you online to show off? To show that you are a hipster digirati? Can’t it wait until you get home or at least until you finally crash at your hotel room that night?

(via George)