Gourds last night, the Resentments tonight

Went to Stubb’s barbecue last night with Syrup and her beau to hear the Gourds and Old 97’s. Tried to eat there but there was 45-minute wait so we went to Jaime’s across the street and I had – wait for it – tex-mex again! Shrimp enchiladas were excellent, as was the top shelf margarita.
The Gourds were really great. It turns out I’d heard them once before (they do a killer cover of Snoop Dogg’s Gin ‘n’ Juice – but they didn’t do it that night). They use at various times a fiddle, a mando (two guys play it), a banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, and accordion and keyboards. This is just five guys. Great sound. Often somewhat down-homey but always rocking and at the end even a bit shreddy. They also covered the Standell’s “Dirty Water.”
Old 97’s were ok alt-country radio friendly rock, but I was getting tired so walked the four or so blocks back to my hotel after about six of their tunes.
Tonight, on the recommendation of Fresh Air’s Ed Ward I’ll be checking out the Resentments at the Saxon Pub.