Jamming online

Haven’t had a chance to explore this new Microsoft offering, but Crossfader appears to be a site designed to enable collaboration across the net among musicians and music producers:

Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky – That Subliminal Kid

In his debut Crossfader session, Paul Miller lays down the inside track about his new album “Drums of Death” a collaboration with Dave Lombardo (Drummer from Slayer). Featuring Chuck D of Public Enemy and Vernon Reid (guitarist from Living Color). This album is – as Paul puts it – “Think of this record as a band made of samples”. Layering tracks and reworking drum solos he walks us through his production techniques using Sonar by Cakewalk.

Spending time with Spooky is always enlightening. In these five minutes we also journey through Paul’s thoughts on “experimenting”, social computing and Dj’ing as a contemporary art form.