“Kill It before It Grows”

· dKo journal

A BBC World Service poll that surveyed 23,518 people in 23 countries finds…
–“There is an extraordinary degree of consensus in favor of the UN becoming ‘significantly more powerful in world affairs.’
–“This prospect is seen as ‘mainly positive’ in every country (21 a majority, 2 a plurality) and by an average of 64 percent. A mere 19 percent on average sees this prospect as mainly negative….
–“Six in ten Americans (59%) favored it, with only 37 percent opposed.”
–“In all countries but one, more people favor than oppose the idea of giving the UN Security Council the power to override the veto of a permanent member….
–“Respondents in the US, Britain, France, Russia and China were reminded in the question that their own country would lose the veto….
–“In the US, 57 percent favor giving up the absolute veto (34% opposed)”
What was the US really pre-empting with its pre-emptive war? Not Saddam, but effective UN sanctions and inspections. They had to be stopped before they could succeed and spread–metastasizing peace and eroding the diktat of the world’s only remaining Great Power.