Legal complaint v. Sensenbrenner

saw this on the Well:

July 28, 2005
Office of Lawyer Regulation
110 East Main St
Room 315
Madison WI 53703
I hereby request investigation on the basis of the following:
Hon. James Sensenbrenner
U.S. House of Representatives
Washington DC
We believe the ex parte communication, "in which [Mr.] Sensenbrenner directly contacted the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in Chicago to demand an increased sentence for a drug courier" is unethical conduct justifying imposition of serious discipline, if true. (please see attached Chicago Tribune and Washington Post newspaper articles)
Mr. Sensenbrenner's inactive status should not relieve him of his sworn responsibility to follow the rules of ethics promulgated by the Wisconsin Supreme Court that prohibit such direct action. And, his position as Chairman of the Judiciary Committee should not be employed as a shield for his inappropriate involvement in an individual criminal case, arguing for a particular sentence in an ex parte communication, especially when such actions are specifically prohibited by the House of Representatives ethics rules.
Did he violate the Wisconsin ethics rules by his ex parte communication? Surely. Was he practicing law without a valid, active license when he argued in a five page letter (akin to a pleading) for a specific sentence? Perhaps.
We believe that Mr. Sensenbrenner should be barred from practicing law in Wisconsin in the future and should no longer be considered a member of the Bar in good standing, active or inactive.
I understand that a copy of this grievance and all documents attached hereto will be sent to the attorney who is the focus of this grievance I certify that all information submitted herewith is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Barbara McFarland
Deborah McFarland