A quicky (I’m at SXSW and am scanning my aggregator in the lull before the storm: Quoting from Peopleweb: Mark Pincus has a vision

Peopleweb: Tribester Mark Pincus has a vision. It’s kinda open source ad tags, only for people.
Mark writes:
“as more people take on ‘open’ identities online, that can be crawled, found and linked to with bits of semantically organized data like ‘profile’, ‘about me’ or ‘my tribes or groups’, there will soon be an ability for search engines to organize people into relevant groupings…(snip)
…imagine a future where the network acts as one database. you will tell the web that you are single and what your dating criteria is. your dating profile will only be shown to those people.”

Amazing how tagging and search can transform everything so quickly.