Second PDF conference in NY, May 16

Faithful readers of this site know that I am also a contributing editor at Personal Democracy Forum, a site about how technology is changing politics edited by Micah Sifry and founded by Andrew Rasiej.
That site grew out of a one-day conference in New York last year (also called Personal Democracy Forum). This May 16 will be the second annual Forum and I’ll be speaking on a panel, discussing how political campaigns can be savvy about reaching out to bloggers and anticipating the type of coverage they can expect from the living web.
I’ve added a logo to the upcoming appearances section of this site to remind people to sign up for and come to the conference. It should be great. Head over to Personal Democracy Forum to sign up or read more about the conference agenda.
Headline speakers include Tucker Eskew, Dan Gillmor, Hugh Hewitt, Salem Radio Network, Jennifer 8. Lee, Rebecca MacKinnon, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, Craig Newmark, Andy Stern, and Michael Turk, among others.
See you there?