A design pattern for info inboxes

Dan Brown is a brilliant information architect and content management strategist with a forthcoming book called Communicating Design, about producing IA deliverables for websites.
On his blog, Green Onions, he posted a few months ago about an emerging design pattern he’s identified related to managing incoming information.
He describes the object model thusly:

  • The People
    • Sender
    • Recipient
    • Administrator
    • Stakeholders
  • The Objects
    • The Item
    • The Inbox
    • The Archive
  • The Lifecycle
    • Create
    • Submit
    • Receive
    • Act
    • Dispose
  • The Interactions
    • Assigning items to people
    • Disposing an item
    • Archiving an item
    • Distinguishing content

That’s just the bare bones, though. Read his whole entry to get the details.