Glorum, a tagged forum about anything

Mario Rizzuti pointed me to his vaguely Digg-looking discussion-forum project called glorum. I asked him to describe the purpose or “mission” of the site and he responded thusly:
>It is an attempt at building a concept for online discussions alternative to the usenet model.
>The key ideas are
>1. using tags (no groups)
>2. +/- feedback (no moderators)
>3. browsing (tagged) users (social networking potential)
>Hopefully it would reach some kind of critical mass, prove some value and take 1 of 2 directions:
>1. a delicious-like database. Ideally this would make niche discussions possible, something like a long tail of discussions.
>2. an open source piece of software that would compete with current message boards. In this case the news would be that discussions and users could now (at least theoretically) be aggregated thanks to tags.
>It’s online since 4 weeks. It is currently just a prototype with about 30 users.
Sounds like an interesting experiment.