SXSW namedropping, day one

Links are people I talked to. Nonlinks are people I spotted but didn’t talk to. I know I’m leaving people out from Break Bread with Brad at Buffalo Billiards. I didn’t always get everyone’s name and by then my beer-to-food ratio was really out of whack (had only southwest peanuts all day until George kicked me down some chicken tenders, Sarah shared her salad with me, and sixth street forked over a mediocre slice of pizza on a pretty good wheat crust):
* [Napalm](
* [Mary Hodder](
* [John Poisson](
* [danah boyd]( (all of the above on the plane)
* [Scot Hacker](
* [Jon Lebkowsky](
* Zeldman
* Tantek
* [Dori Smith and Tom Negrino](
* Limor Fried
* Phil Torrone
* Tiffany B. Brown (this group all in the clusterf* of a registration line)
* [Sarah Bruner](
* [George Kelly](
* [Prentiss Riddle](
* need to get the names of the guys I played foosball with from BLNK and Time Warner
* [Jay Allen](
* Min Jung Kim
* [Peter Merholz](
* [Andy Baio](
* [Kevin Newsum](http://20×
* [Leonard Lin](
* [Pasha Sadri](
* [Daniel Raffel](
* [Clay Johnson]( (this batch at BB with B at BB)