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  • LinkedIn chat suggestion poem

    LinkedIn chat suggestion poem

    I willDon’t worryStay positiveLet me know if I can helpCheersI’ll talk to you soonI’ll talk to you laterOkay?Take careI’ll see you soonHave fun!Enjoy!😊

  • bay trail

    bay trail

  • wooden houses

    I didn’t recognize my dopplegangerOn the road to SamarraUntil I saw John the Doorman,Heard the drunk, singing down the street“Let me come home!”

  • Art history

    Art history

    B shared with me (ok with everyone she knows on the facing book) a great article about software artist John F. Simon Jr.’s creative process. We are fortunate to know him via mutual friends in New Orleans and he contributed an edition of his seminal Every Icon to episode eleven of our 1994-1998 era webzine*,…