Wish Y’all Were Here

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Just about four years ago Lisa Belsky asked me to record this, and I managed a decent take with a looper and my electric uke (tuned with a low G string). Then just the other day a friend of a friend on ye olde book of faces asked for my arrangement and I went looking for this recording but couldn’t find it, till it popped up on its own today.

We’re just all lost souls swimming in a fishbowl, year after year

right up to the end…

Memory Lane (demo)

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Once I feel a song is written I try to record a demo without getting too hung up on the instrumentation or even the full arrangement, to help communicate to other musicians primarily how the song goes.

This one has a lyric shared with me as part of a large set of song lyrics around 2010, or possibly earlier, by my old old friend, brother, and aspirational writing partner Peter K. Hirsch.

I could hear in my head how it should go but at the time did not have the chops to harmonize it, let alone figure out a way to play the bridge.

Now, I’m hoping to include it on my forthcoming album:

“Feeling the joy and the pain…”