Bird Song (instrumental)

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On my electric solid body uke with a pocket amp and a bit of delay, for the last day of Jerry Week.

All I know he sang a little while and then flew on

Also posted at the big book of faces and audio-only on shmow-kwow with a kind of permanent public link for the video up on bop rocks.

…and I’m already addicted

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OK, figured out that I probably want to post to my active google account, not my old one, and downloaded the iPhone app for recording and uploading (not sure how much better it is, though it does offer to crop and stabilize the image, a request, I rejected in favor of my sloppy approach).

So here’s another song (apologies to social networking pals who have seen this already during the past weekend) I just worked up the other day, the Dylan classic “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right,” which you can tell I don’t quite fully know how to play yet: