Category: 2006 Election

  • Day of Action to defeat Richard Pombo

    Just wanted to pass this along to Bay Area readers: DAY OF ACTION TO DEFEAT RICHARD POMBO SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 10am Help defeat “One of the 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress,” U.S. Rep. Richard Pombo (R-Tracy) this November by coming out Saturday, September 16 for a Day of Action to canvass and phone bank…

  • Precinct walking for Jerry McNerney

    Hi, This is a quick diary to relate the experience xian and I had today walking a San Ramon, CA precinct for Jerry McNerney. Short version: great experience, highly recommended. Lesson learned: even if (like me) you live in a deep blue district, there may well be a red(dish) district a short drive away. And…

  • Speaking of ‘Connecticut for Lieberman’

    Looks like his team forgot to register the domain: The Connecticut for Lieberman Party

  • Another tactical blunder by Lieberman

    Even if you grant that Lieberman should run in the general election as an independent (and I do not), shouldn’t he at least have taken a page from Jed Bartlett and Howard Dean and called his party-of-one “Lieberman for Connecticut” instead of the self-centered sounding “Connecticut for Lieberman”?