Music will continue until morale improves

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Thanks to the enthusiastic example and coaching of my friend from work, Chach, whom I first met when she shared her paints with me and others at a Yes by Yes Yes (later Yes & Yes Yes) un-conference retreat in Palm Springs, I have migrated my clunky old spreadsheet into a nifty Airtable and it has made keeping track of recordings and postings way easier, which will enable me to fill in some gaps, such as:

  • music videos I posted to Youtube but not Facebook, or vice versa
  • performances solid enough that I want to post the audio portion to my Soundcloud
  • and perhaps most relevant here, catching up my catalog here on my own personal blogge

Mildly related also is that I am now writing my own songs, and the li’l database is happy to keep track of that distinction for me, too.

my music database
my music database

Our new, permanent address

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The Edgewise group weblog can now and forevermore be accessed by its own custom vanity address at the domain. The weblog itself is aware of that address now and will use it for permalinks and the like. We are still hosted and maintained by the good folks at Mediajunkie and in fact the old address will continue to work as well (even the old “sausage” address still works, kinda, but let’s not talk about that).