Category: Olympics

  • Rove calling, again

    “Mr. Rove said he had forgotten the call, one of hundreds he participates in each day.” A repentant Karl Rove admitted yesterday to a grand jury investigator that he could not recall a conversation with a journalist in which he revealed the secret code to White House situation room “nuke” buttons. In a sixteen hour…

  • Ex-America

    Fast-forwarding through the umpteenth ad for Big American Car in my quest for 2 minutes of olympic athleticism, I am coming to the conclusion that our economy is in desperate straights. If you don’t run out NOW and buy a Big American Car we’re going to hit the skids, pass on, be no more, cease…

  • Big American Car (Sports) Moments

    “When did Michelle Kwan get old,” said the man in the suit and tie in the leather chair under the banner “Chevrolet Olympic Moments”. Bob Costas, in an identical suit and leather chair, shook his head sadly. And then I blew up my TV.