Category: State of the Union

  • “One Nation, Under Me…”

    Among comics/comix fans, Bill Keane’s “Family Circus” is considered so blandly inoffensive as to be beneath ridicule. But I can’t let Sunday’s strip pass without comment. It begins with the adorable tow-headed kid (Jeffy?) waking up and telling Mom, “Wow! I dreamed that God was saying the Pledge of Allegiance!” Then, in the second and…

  • Trickle-up economics

    Larry Beinart has a good analysis at the HuffPost of how wrong Republican economics are for the U.S. (Bushenomics 102: Reality. One point I’d like to reinforce is this: If you want to cut taxes, cut it from the bottom up. The money will get spent, stimulating the economy. and the base of the tax…

  • If you like words and politics and history

    This may blow your mind.

  • Killing Me Softly

    “…based on authority given to me by the Constitution and by statute– I have authorized a terrorist surveillance program…” –G.W.B. 2006

  • Play the SoTU drinking game

    Catch presents The State of the Union Drinking (& Other Stuff) Game: 1. Every time Bush says “freedom”: Take one very small sip of Wild Turkey (he said it 21 times during last year’s SOTU) 2. Every time Bush mentions Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Scooter Libby or Tom DeLay: Drink three bottles of Wild Turkey…

  • Sulu’s gay

    Although I was almost inappropriately delighted to learn today that Sulu is gay, I have to confess that I’m kind of irritated at the timing. I mean, yesterday Miers withdraws, then this morning, so-called “Scooter” Libby resigns. And now here comes George Takei, pushing those stories right off the front page.