Category: The Bush Economy

  • ghost workers of America

    I read with interest a review in the Sunday S.F. Chron by Noam Lupu of Louis Uchitelle’s new book, “The Disposable American: Layoffs and Their Consequences” which looks at the now common-place American phenomenon of worker layoffs and the effects of these layoffs on ordinary Americans. The statistics are startling but it’s the stories that […]

  • If I were king

    I just tried out Nathan Newman’s National Budget Simulator and, with a little tinkering, reduced the deficit by about 90%: Old budget was $3747.36 billion ($2672.527 billion in spending, $1074.833 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). New budget is $3369.49 billion ($2633.78 billion in spending, $735.71 billion in tax expenditures and cuts). You have cut […]

  • Conflict, schmonflict

    Thanks to John Berger on the Well, I ended up reading this interesting exchange between administration spokesweasel John McClellan and the usually prostrate White House press: Q: When the President talks about high gasoline prices, he often cites the demand for gasoline and crude oil from China. Is the President comfortable that the company partly […]

  • Instant Economic Impact Lad

    I was talking to this Republican I know earlier today about the economy. And I was, you know, speculating about when exactly it would stop being the Clinton recession and Bush would actually take ownership over our economic mess. And this Republican feller says: War time! etc etc, and all that. And then he says: […]